Witness tampering, bridge bashing and other fun Spokane things in today's headlines


Study? What am I? Some kind of *nerd?*
  • Study? What am I? Some kind of *nerd?*


License to Kill

Columnist Shawn Vestal argues that cops still need to be given some slack when it comes to use of force — but not the incredible amount of leeway given to officers in Washington state. [Spokesman-Review]

You Must Be This Short to Ride the Underpass

Another day, another truck running into another bridge. [KREM]

"Will You Accept a Collect Call From: I Swear If You Testify I'll..."
If you're in jail, don't to tell your girlfriend, who a judge has placed no-contact order on you for, not to testify. At least, if you do, don't do it on the phones that the jail is recording. [Spokesman-Review


But that would take away some of his cool dude slacker mystique!
Trump's aides are pleading with him to maybe practice a little bit before the next debate, even though it's really boring.  [New York Times]

In Soviet Russia, Plane Shoots Down Missile
Yeah, the missile that took down the passenger plane in the Ukraine was fired from inside Russia. In my day that kinda thing woulda sparked a thermonuclear war

Frog of Hate
Why a Cartoon Frog was just named a hate symbol.