Torturers past, torturers future, and other Wednesday headlines



Bruce Jessen, one of the two Spokane torture psychologists
  • Bruce Jessen, one of the two Spokane torture psychologists

Civic Duty

The Spokane Civic Theater's lineup is out.

Good for What Ales Ya
Spokane Symphony and No Li are teaming up.

Dan Nailen breaks down the Oscars for us.


Jardín de Infancia
Spokane Public Schools is looking to do a language-immersion kindergarten. (Spokesman-Review)

The Bing Crosby of Torturers

CIA documents reveal just how torturery the two torture psychologists (from Spokane!) were. (Spokesman-Review)

But The Parking Situation Sucks

Downtown living is booming, despite the terrible parking situation. (Spokesman-Review)


Return of the "Rigged!"
Trump can't believe he lost the popular vote, so he's claiming the election he won was rigged, as illegal voters decided to flood into places like California, a move that would never have any impact on the election. Now, he wants an investigation into voter fraud, despite having no evidence of any of it happening. (New York Times)

Hitting the Wall
Trump still seems into that whole build-a-wall thing. (Washington Post)

Black Sites Matter

Nostalgic for the Bush years, Trump is considering restarting the ol' secret black site prisons and torture programs. (Washington Post)