Inlander and Spokane's evolution featured in latest UW alumni magazine


Do you read the Inlander every week? Of course you do!

Do you know the story of how Spokane's weekly paper, nearly a quarter-century old, came to be? Probably not, despite the existence of this handy "Who We Are" page on and this slick video:

Now the story of how Ted and Jer McGregor got the paper off the ground has been told by the University of Washington alumni magazine Columns. And while there are a lot of great details about the evolution of Spokane along with that of the paper, we particularly liked what Tim Egan, a Pulitzer Prize winner and former coworker of Ted McGregor, had to say:

“I was so impressed by the way Ted took what he learned in graduate school and then applied it to Spokane, and made a great success of it,” says Egan, his old friend from The New York Times. “Ted is an original thinker, a great voice for Spokane and beyond. His paper has meant a lot for people looking for fresh ideas east of the Cascades.”

We certainly concur. You can read the story from UW's Columns alumni magazine right here.