Mike Flynn pleads guilty, Dolezal's calendar & more headlines about famous liars


The end of Flynn?
  • The end of Flynn?


Sorry, InHealth is not the "cool" mom.

Doctors, the buzzkills that they are, recommend against eating raw cookie dough.

Not the solution to all of mankind's problems.
Weed may not be the solution to the opioid crisis, turns out.

You've seen the billboards... now, see the movie
Nathan Weinbender runs down the movies opening this week, none of which — sadly — feature Thor.


Back in "Black"
Shawn Vestal brings us an update on Rachel Dolezal, who continues to try to spin her infamy into a brand. (Spokesman-Review)

Pass incomplete
Mike Leach played a central role in a messy Tennessee football drama yesterday. (Spokesman-Review)

Flynn-ter storm warning
Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, he who led the "Lock Her Up" chant at the Republican National Convention, has pleaded guilty of lying to the FBI. And the reason the charges are so comparatively minor? He's willing to cooperate to help Mueller get a bigger fish. (New York Times)

Screech of the hawk
What would happen if CIA Director Mike Pompeo replaces Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. (New York Times)