Why Alpha Kappa Lambda got suspended, FBI memo revealed and morning headlines


Happy Groundhog Day, America! - DANIEL WALTERS PHOTO
  • Daniel Walters photo
  • Happy Groundhog Day, America!

Wilson Criscione digs into why one WSU fraternity was suspended.
"The lights went dark. Pillowcases were put over their head. Forty-ounce bottles of Hurricane malt liquor were tied to their hands. Finish the bottles, the members were told, and they'd be let off the wall. It was a game they called "Edward Forty-Hands."

Do you ever eat food? Then this is the event for you.
The Inlander's Restaurant Week menus have been released. Plan your dining now. 


A good day to be Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Lisa Brown may be doing better than past Democratic challengers in fundraising, but is still very much lagging behind the person she actually has to beat: Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Meanwhile, FiveThirtyEight reports that the Democratic wave in recent polling seems to be subsiding, as Republicans have climbed in the generic ballot. (Spokesman-Review)

Did you get the memo?
The fabled House Republican Intel Committee exposing (or spinning) aspects of the Russia investigation has been released, to the objection of both Democrats and the FBI. The memo suggests that the FBI, which may have swung the election by releasing details about the Hillary Clinton email investigation just 11 days before the election, was biased against Trump. (New York Times)

Humane Relations problem
The Humane Society is keeping its CEO, despite accusations of sexual harassment. Seven board members resign in protest. (Washington Post)