Billboard bears bear child, carrousel opens tomorrow and other morning headlines


The Riverfront Park Looff Carrousel opens tomorrow. - DANIEL WALTERS PHOTO
  • Daniel Walters photo
  • The Riverfront Park Looff Carrousel opens tomorrow.

Who is worthy of Raúl Labrador's throne?

POVERTY: Is the new anti-homeless-camping better than the old one?

PEDAGOGY: Thanks to Spokane Public Schools' new math curriculum, surely nobody will ever fight about math ever again!


Another brick in the wall
The Spokesman-Review's Chad Sokol digs into the connection between a Gonzaga trustee and Trump's wall, originally reported in the Gonzaga Bulletin.  (Spokesman-Review)

The birds and the bears
The randy activities of the bears on the Great PNW billboard the other day? It seems to have had consequences. Congratulations to Mr. and Ms. Bear on your little miracle!  (KXLY)

Civil War
Republican Rep. Heather Scott, who celebrates the Confederate flag, has a Republican primary challenger. (Spokesman-Review)

Reach out and touch Cohen
Maybe, in retrospect, AT&T acknowledges, it shouldn't have hired Trump lawyer Michael Cohen for $600,000 as a "political consultant" on their proposed merger. (New York Times)

Turns out, Trump really dislikes illegal immigration
Trump absolutely went off on Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen about people crossing the Mexican border. (Washington Post)