Jeers to the "My Beloved Inlander" Jeerer

To the V-day Jeerer bold enough to accuse me of being part of the "consumerist masses bent on propagating this retail-pissing-contest of a holiday" & for criticizing the Inlander, I say "piss on you!" I too look forward every week to the Jeers section; it is truly a highlight. But, when I opened the Feb. 11th edition and found that my husband had posted one of those "sappy Valentine's Day letters," I couldn't have been more thrilled. Opposed to commercially prepared, half wilted roses, stale chocolates or a card with awkwardly written sentiments; my husband created something truly unique & special. My suspicion is that you are either to cheap to dish out something sweet for your "#1 Shortie" or maybe you just missed the deadline to get your V-day letter posted.  To the Inlander, I say keep up the good work.  P.S. I drive with my fog lights on! HA!