To Myself

Morning commute of 9/23 at the intersection of Driscoll Blvd and Wellesley.
Yeah, that 4-way stop that I idiotically treated like a green light for
myself. I could blame it on my lack of sleep, being distracted by a
screaming kid, and having a lot on my mind between school and basic life.
But let's face it, even with all of that, I chose to drive and that was
stupid. Granted, I had obligations I needed to get to, but I needed to have
my mind on driving and not waver from that while behind the wheel. So I
apologize to all of the other commuters that happened to be there that
morning for my idiocy. I also say cheers to them for keeping an eye out and
remaining focused when I failed to. Because of your being awesome, there
were no wrecks. So once again, I apologize, and I thank you.