Spokane Drivers

Just want to give a positive shout out to the responsible drivers of
Spokane- the ones who realize that this is NOT Seattle- that driving
wrecklessly in Seattle may spill your latte, but in Eastern Washington, it
can get you killed. Driving in the fog last night, I saw a lot of
responsible drivers- people going under the speed limit, driving carefully.
I also saw a wrecker and crew trying to remove a damaged car from a ditch.
That's what happens when you try and drive too fast in winter in the
Spokane area- you go off the road, or hit a deer, or hit another car.
Driving here in winter is an adventure- and many people here know that, and
they deserve recognition for that. For those of you who don't get that- and
either drive to fast, or don't prepare their car for winter- please don't
try and wave my truck down as I pass you- lack of prepardeness on your part
does not constitute an emergency for me.