Urgent Care Friends

USHealthworks North! Even though we no longer share an employee status,
you guys are forever in my heart! You have the most caring, thoughtful,
wonderful hearts in the whole world. I can't believe I would ever even
think to go anywhere else when I feel sick. No one treats me the way ya'll
treat me when I have strep for the umpthteenth time. I guess that's the
part of you that will stick with me forever? I just want to give a shout
out to everyone who needs to go to an urgent care to go to USHelathworks.
You will be treated like a friend rather than just any regular Joe. Dr N-
Thank you for your teachings and blessings. Dr P- was it a boy or a girl
late night laughs. PA- I still need a turkey! DC- Thank you for your love.
CP- meet me at the Big Foot with tomato juice. RW-watch your balls and mind
your F's and S's too. LW-you're a great listener. KF- focker sister,
laughs, loves, and tears. SE-rockin robyn' sweet caroline, and funky
chicken. MB-Check your blood pressure today. KH- That wasn't fruit salad.
To my family, happy holidays and much love to you! Keep in touch! I hold my
red solo cup up to ya'll It's filled with a
margadaqriscrewalottaonthebeach. I'll be around, when I'm sick especially!