Hit and Run

January 11th. To the EMPLOYEE in the white truck who smashed into my '04
Green GMC in the Hospital EMPLOYEE only parking lot. What the hell is wrong
with you? You leave a dent the size of a medicine ball in my truck and then
just run? Jerk. Unlike you, I don't lie, cheat, or steal, and I don't
damage other peoples' property like a coward. I work for what I have, I
save and pay for it, and then people like you come along. I'm sure your
co-workers saw you or your damaged white truck. I'll probably find you at
work, parking/hiding in another lot somewhere like a rat I'm sure. Think of
a green GMC when life gravitates back to you. P.S. If you want your white
paint come scrape it off the back of my green truck; 2 tier lot, upper
level... coward