Re: I'll Miss You

Could this be my J.., my friend, my sometimes lover, the person I measure
every other man I meet against? I never said you were my everything.
This "Fairy Tale" you say my heart aches for has nothing to do with you. I
decided my path and ideal future a couple of years ago shortly after the
death of a loved one. You are just someone I adore and can be myself with,
I only want to spend time with you more often. You say "I'll Miss You" in
the past tense, but clearly you are missing me presently. It's been almost
16 years, you should know by now you can always txt me regardless of
anything, or any words that have been spoken out of anger in the past. "You
Remind Me of Somethin'...". You must be measuring others against me. Why
else would you be listening to such an old song? "Luvs" ~A~