Breakfast Intruder

Jeers to the old timer that rudely interrupted my breakfast and quiet time
reading the Inlander. I was peacefully flipping through the Cheers and
Jeers and clogging my arteries on a redneck eggs benedict from the Hoot
Owl, after joyfully receiving the day off of work caused by the rain. I was
happy, even after you sat down and complained about hitting a deer with
your car. Glad you were not hurt, but god dammit, keep politics and
religion to yourself or your friends whom you know agree with you. Yes I
live in north Idaho, and look like it; but no, I don't carry a gun or like
Butch. I actually recycle and ride my bike by choice, not because a judge
told me to. My point, keep your conversations with strangers to the
weather, sports or something equally benign, it is called common courtesy.
I'm sorry I implied that your breakfast was going to taste funny with your
head placed where it was, but you started it.