First Day of The Rest Oof My Life

Just needing to vent today so bear with me people. Turning 51 yrs old today
and I've made some decisions that have been a long time coming. For almost
30 years now I have taken care of everybody elses needs (parents, husband,
kids). I have given up doing all the things that I have always wanted to do
so that I could be there for each of you and make sure you were all happy
and healthy. Not complaining, this is how I chose to live my life and I
have no regrets. However, I have reached a point in my life where I want to
do some things just for me! That's right you heard me, just for me! Call me
selfish if you want, I don't care. As of today I am moving on. I am making
plans for a couple of trips, of course I will go alone because hubby
doesn't like to travel. Fine by me. I am only going to see movies that "I"
want to see. Don't think I've picked out a movie in 30 years, I always go
to the movies you all want to see. Again, not complaining, that's fine, did
it because I wanted to. But, you all need to understand that I am now
taking some time to do the things that I want to do. I'm sure there will be
some of you who will call me selfish, and I can live with that. I know that
I've been a good wife and mother to my family, I have three amazing kids to
prove it. So, next on the list, sky diving! Who's coming with me?