RE: Birthday Celebration

Thanks to those who have responded to my post. To the prior bartender, I
appreciate your commentary. However I did order my drink with a splash of
tonic, I did ask for lime, and we did use a small brand new cup to scoop up
the limes to refrain from passing germs. I also have worked in the business
for quite a few years myself. That is why I was so disappointed with his
service. I can be empathetic to ones frustrations due to rude and
belligerent patrons (which we were not) and how easily it can ruin
someone's mood but that's never a reason to raise your voice at a paying
customer, if you feel you cannot control your temper, and as the other
jeerer said your ego then maybe it would have been a good idea to go home
sick instead of lashing out on customers. There was no need for negativity
or an attitude, it should be a place of relaxation and enjoyment and the
staff should assist in this experience not take away from it.