2.0 (Two Point_Oh)

When: Thursdays-Sundays. Continues through March 25 2018

Jeffrey Jackson’s 2.0 (Two Point_Oh) pushes the boundaries of where live performance meets technology — both in its plot, and in the play’s production. The story revolves around one Elliot Leeds, a Steve Jobs-type software mogul who goes missing in a plane crash. Months later, his widow finds a virtual-reality simulation of Leeds that he’d designed before his disappearance. The electronic version of the man is remarkable, sharing Leeds’ memories and holding conversations. It even gets smarter the longer it’s online, raising the question, is this new Leeds “alive”? Blending satire with poignant questions about how much we’ve let technology enter and, at times, dictate our lives, 2.0 (Two Point_Oh) promises an altogether different kind of theatrical experience.

March 2-25: Thu-Sat at 7:30 pm, Sun at 2 pm • $27 • Spokane Civic Theatre • 1020 N. Howard • • 325-2507

Dan Nailen

Price: $27