25th Annual Mother's Day Tour

When: Saturdays, Sundays. Continues through May 11 2014

Don’t wait until the last minute to book brunch reservations or rush to the grocery store and pick up flowers and a card for mom — Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Sure, those are both perfectly acceptable ways to celebrate Mom, but also consider that she probably wants to spend some quality time with you, doing something you’ll both enjoy. The MAC’s 25th Annual Mother’s Day tour of historic homes could be that perfect option. Bond with Mom as you explore the beautiful historic homes of Spokane’s past elite in Browne’s Addition, including the Patsy Clark and EJ Roberts mansions. Then take her out for a nice mid-afternoon lunch or early dinner at one of the neighborhood’s restaurants. Tours offered May 10 and 11.

Chey Scott

Price: $15-$20