Live Bands

Archangels Thunderbird, Dapper Devils, Sulphur Banks

When: Fri., Aug. 18, 9 p.m. 2017

Whenever a movie features a scene set in a backroad country bar, you can bet all the money in your pocket that said bar will have an effortlessly cool live country band setting the mood. Archangels Thunderbird could easily be one of those bands, and their sound certainly harkens back to the work of all the great musical outlaws. Despite the down-home flavor of their twangy laments, though, this quintet actually hails from Portland, a city that’s produced a lot of great music and yet isn’t exactly synonymous with grit. But regardless of their origins, Archangels Thunderbird is sure to hit that sweet spot for anyone who loves their country melodic and old-school. It’s best to listen with a beer in your hand, and maybe even a tear in your eye.

Nathan Weinbender

Price: $6