Live Bands

Bar Talk, Weep Wave, The Clourflies, Bad Motivator

When: Thu., April 26, 9 p.m. 2018

Judging by some of their lyrics, WEEP WAVE is fascinated by alien invasions and paranormal phenomena, and they sometimes seem like they’re from another planet themselves. Frontman Dylan Fuentes often dons a cape like he’s a garage-rock Elvis and sings through an old telephone that’s been converted into a microphone as synths that sound like woozy sci-fi theremins swirl around him. The quartet actually hails from Seattle and on their latest album, Amassing a Mess, you can hear the disparate influences they’ve name-checked in interviews — the in-your-face riffs of Queens of the Stone Age, the technicolor spaciness of the Flaming Lips, the airy ambience of Slint’s seven-minute sprawls. For a shift in orbit, check out the record’s companion piece, a collection of all-instrumental B-sides.

Nathan Weinbender

Price: $5