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National pot critic's Top 10 strains and best local bud



Jake Browne is living the dream. As the Denver Post's first marijuana critic and now the Cannabist marijuana critic, Browne reviews strains, edibles and THC products for a living. His palate has been profiled everywhere from CBS to the New York Times, and this winter he shared this Top 10 list with the masses.

Browne's reviews are anything but typical. He includes the physical description of the product, the smell and the taste of it, where it was harvested, where he bought it, the sound of the marijuana being lit, how the marijuana made him feel, and sometimes even how much he ate after smoking. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

Browne's 2014 list of "Top 10 strains I smoked this year" include:

Blue Dream


Gorilla Glue #4


Jack Flash

Agent Orange

Bruce Banner #3

Red Headed Stranger #14

Grape Ape

Alien Napalm OG

If you can't get your hands or rolling papers on all of Browne's favorite strains, don't be surprised; retailers often change strain names based on geography. But fear not: Spokane dispensaries have the highest quality bud to keep you happy and high into 2015. Ten local retailers — medical and recreational dispensaries alike — provided their "most promising strains" of 2015.

Spokane's most popular marijuana strains, in no particular order, include:

Pineapple Express from Sativa Sisters (509-381-1502)

UW Purps from Cured Cooperative (509-808-2800)

Primus from the Peaceful Choice (509-325-7454)

God's Gift from Cinder (509-241-3726)

Palouse Peach from 420 Friendly (509-844-7287)

Blue OG at Green Star Cannabis (509-919-3398)

Cherwillie from TreeHouse Club (509-413-2169)

Blue Dream at Spocannabis (509-998-3405)

OG Chem at Green Light (509-309-3193)

Golden Pineapple at Satori MJ (509-703-7191) ♦