My journey, for you to play around with


As most Americans are now aware, I recently circumnavigated the fair city of Spokane by foot, bike and oar. The point of the whole endeavor was to see what lies on Spokane's edges and then tell all about it in The Inlander. The 70-plus miles took me four days, and now the product has arrived. 

Check out my story here.

For those of you who find reading to be a bit much, check out this spectacular interactive map, complete with my route, and a ton of pictures and sounds I captured along the way.

Map Nick's Route
Explore the map to see the city's present-day boundaries (in red) and Nick's route around the city (in blue), and click on the icons to see pictures along the way, read Nick's blog posts and hear sound captured on-scene.

View Walking the Boundary in a larger map

For a bit more fun, watch Spokane grow below. You don't even have to add water!