Yup. Chuck Hafner was appointed to the Spokane Valley City Council.


In a move that won't surprise any die-hard Spokane Valley politics wonks, former Central Valley High School Assistant Superintendent Chuck Hafner was appointed to the Spokane Valley City Council last night. After all, Hafner helped most of the city council get elected.

Because Mayor Tom Towey had already donated money to Hafner's election fund, he recused himself from the vote. The rest of the city council — including Councilman Dean Grafos, who received a $100 donation from Hafner when he ran — saw no conflict in voting.

The breakdown was expected: Those who had opposed the Sprague-Appleway Revitalization Plan, or SARP, in the past voted for Hafner. Councilman Bill Gothmann, who supported SARP and found himself on the minority for the past year on the council, voted against him.

Because he was appointed, Hafner will officially run for the position in this year's elections. Another vacant seat on the council was recently filled with Arne Woodard, who also will have to run for his seat this year.