BANDS TO WATCH: Whiskey Dick Mountain


Day three in our countdown to VOLUME! 

Today's video features Whiskey Dick Mountain — sweet, sweet Whiskey Dick Mountain. If you have not seem WDM, you're in for a treat at Volume on Thursday: a loud, in-your-face, gospel-y, preach-y, boozy treat. The band has a schtick — sure. But WDM isn't all schtick. They hammer out some of the most danceable, party rock being made locally while putting on one of the most entertaining live shows on our local stages. And they bring tons of diehard, dance-til-they-drop fans, too. Read about how booze plays into their music here, and check out the video below that we made of them.

THIS Thursday, May 26, we'll host Volume: The Inlander's Local Music Extravaganza, featuring our five Bands to Watch, which you can read about in this week's Local Music Issue: Horse Thieves, Silver Treason, Whiskey Dick Mountain, Ocean and K. Clifton. The show is FREE. It's all-ages.