MORNING BRIEFING: Shootings and Newt-ings



Seems the cold weather didn't keep people from packing heat this weekend:

- two people were shot this weekend downtown … 

- an angry fella was arrested for attempted murder

- and someone — though they're not sure who — was leaking blood after a gun went off during a Northside home invasion. (Q6)

Meanwhile, KREM2 busts out this AMAZING graphic — edging out the competition on what seems to have been an otherwise slow news day.

A man was charged with voyeurism this weekend at the local Girl Scouts HQ. Like this ... ?

While the rest of the city moves on from last week's snowstorm, Browne's Addition will finally be plowed. Well… tomorrow. Or the next day. If they have time. (KREM)


Longtime Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno, died this weekend. Turns out, around the time he was fired amid a child sex abuse scandal involving defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, Paterno discovered he had cancer, too. No student protests this time. (NYT)

Republican Newt Gingrich sweeps the South Carolina primary this weekend. How many glitter bombs does it take this guy to quit?!


Please, someone get a teleprompter for National Anthem singers. Please.