MORNING BRIEF: students falling out of buildings and alligators guarding marijuana grows



A fourth WSU student this year has fallen out of a building

A motorcyclist hit by a truck yesterday evening in downtown Spokane is in critical condition at Sacred Heart. 

The Spokane County Jail had to turn away lesser criminal offenders over the Thanksgiving weekend because it was too full. 206 people were booked in between Nov. 21 and Nov. 25. 


The Washington state Department of Health is changing its marriage and divorce certificates in response to the passing of Ref. 74 which legalizes same-sex marriage.

A busted marijuana grow in Olympia, Wash. was found guarded by two five-foot-long alligators. 

Time is running out before the U.S. economy reaches the "fiscal cliff." President Obama is proposing new measures to force the GOP to freeze taxes for most Americans, and is asking Congress to pass a stimulus bill that would boost hiring.