MORNING BRIEFING: Unemployment down! Weed: confusing! Bugs in books!



An SUV crashes through a Coeur d'Alene business — and it wasn't the first time that's happened. (KREM)

So pot's legal now — to smoke, not to buy. Think about that for a second. (KREM)

And, though people keep talking about "pot tourists" coming here, don't go driving over the Idaho border with your pot. You could end up in jail. (KHQ) 


Today is the 71st anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Betty McIntosh was a journalist in Hawaii then — and wrote this story, which her editors refused to publish at the time. (Washington Post)

Unemployment is at 7.7 percent - the lowest in four years! Woo! (NYT) 

Watch your library books: they might have bedbugs in them. Barf. (Seattle Times)


Someone give the guy a snack!