MORNING BRIEF: guns, malaria and China's crackdown on apocalypse rumors



A bar fight led to a stabbing in Chattaroy last night. (KREM)

Spokane gun sellers say buyers are rushing in to buy weapons, fearing that gun control talks will heat up in the wake of Friday's shooting in an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. (SR) 

The woman who left her two children on the side of I-90 in October is set to plead guilty in exchange for a recommendation for probation. (CDA Press) 


Fake malaria drugs are contributing to the spread of drug-resistant strains of the disease in the developing world. (NPR) 

The Benghazi report is out, and it doesn't look good. (WashPo) 

Chinese authorities have detained more than 90 people for spreading rumors about the Mayan apocalypse. (Guardian)