MORNING BRIEF: Use of force, the NRA and the end of the world



A new Catholic Charities apartment building opened to take in the chronically homeless. More on what that means here. (SR, Bloglander)  

School districts across North Idaho announced they'd be closed today after rumors of violent threats were spreading. None of the threats have been substantiated, police say. (KXLY) 

The Use of Force Commission released its report yesterday, recommending cultural and procedural changes at SPD. (Bloglander) 


As Washington and Colorado figure out the details of legalizing pot, California is treating it as if it were legal anyway. (NYT)

President Obama is set to nominate John Kerry for secretary of state today. (WashPo) 

The NRA held a press conference this morning, the first time it's spoken since last Friday's Connecticut school massacre, blaming the media and video games in part for mass shootings. (WSJ) 


You survived the Mayan apocalypse. Here are some other end of world theories to look forward to. (NPR)