GOOD READS: luxury cruises and waking up during anesthesia


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1. "Shipping Out" (David Foster Wallace//Harpers)

This one's a few years old, but still worth every page. We doubt there's ever been a more fascinating take on luxury cruises. (Don't skip the footnotes.)

2. "Public Influence" (Albert Samaha//SF Weekly)

The story of a man who kills himself in front of strangers, strangers who then post about it online.

3. "Awakening" (Joshua Lang//The Atlantic)

Why some people wake up during anesthesia and what the medical community is trying to do about it.

4. "A Pickpocket's Tale" (Adam Green//The New Yorker)

You will never feel safe again.

5. For your ears! Here's a discussion from with Eli Sanders, associate editor at The Stranger, who won a Pulitzer last year for his story "The Bravest Woman in Seattle."

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