MORNING BRIEFING: Real guns and fake girlfriends



If abortion is just a choice, an Idaho lawmaker asks, isn't prostitution? (SR)

Columnist Shawn Vestal argues in support of Sheriff Knezovich's efforts to make it easier to fire law enforcement officers who break the law without having the termination overturned by an arbiter. (SR)

The new recycling program has had 800 tons of impact. (KREM)

Church leaders forgive the suspect who vandalized the Lake City Assembly of God last week — which is sort of a church thing to do. (KXLY)


After the suicide of a young man who faced a lengthy jail sentence after pirating academic journal documents, a new bill in Congress would limit those sorts of jail sentences in the future. (The Atlantic)

Assault weapons may be ban — but what, exactly, is an "assault weapon?" (NYT)

Tracking the change from young Obama in 2008, to Old Man Obama in 2012. (Washington Post)


Yesterday, we learned two things. 1) The girlfriend of Manti Te'o was completely fictional, and 2) There's a guy named Manti Te'o, who plays football or something. (Deadspin)