GOOD READS: Answering your questions about DOMA


Back from a short hiatus, GOOD READS is on a new mission: helping you understand the big issues flooding your Facebook and Twitter feeds or filling the pages of the newspaper on your doorstep (ha!). This week, the Supreme Court's consideration of the Defense of Marriage Act.

As you have definitely heard — or at least seen red equals signs about — the Supreme Court has started hearing two important marriage equality cases. The justices will get to a review of California's Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriages in that state, but they're starting with the Defense of Marriage Act. The act prevents same-sex couples from receiving federal marriage benefits, even if their state (like Washington) recognizes their union. We're here to catch you up.

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Any idea which way the justices might be leaning?

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And in what we're guessing is your most burning question, what does Stephen Colbert have to say?