MORNING BRIEFING: World of Warcraft, same-sex marriage and a renters' market



As the economy rebounds, Spokane is a renters' market. (SR)

A 5-year-old girl is dead after she, her mother and her brother were hit by a car while crossing the street Friday night. (KXLY)

The Idaho Court of Appeals upheld a ruling stripping parental rights from a women who spent six to eight hours a day playing World of Warcraft instead of caring for her children. (CdA Press)


Same-sex couples in New Jersey said "I do" today, and Gov. Chris Christie now says the state will drop its challenge to same-sex marriage in the state. (NYT) is still struggling, prompting the Obama administration to bring in a bunch of computer experts to try to fix it. (WashPo)

Fighting in Syria continues to drive refugees out of the country, squeezing already poor towns and cities in nearby countries. (AlJazeera)