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Curly blonde You driving the black suv with the cutest smirk I've seen in awhile was amazing.

Panda Bear Shadle I saw you at the Wellesley Panda express Tuesday night 8/30...very intrigued, love your smile and eyes!! You in a F350 me in a F350...hope to see you again!! I should have stopped :) Maybe we will run into each other again..

At Salon Avant Art Show To the short-haired brunette with the small tattoo on the back of her neck (is it an Asian character?) at Salon Avant's First Friday: Though I don't believe we'd met before, you gave me a smile when I walked in and I, taken by surprise, distracted by the art & feeling dreary that day, didn't even respond. I immediately regretted not responding, especially as I never had a chance to redeem myself over the course of the evening. I'm sorry, you have a lovely smile and I did not mean to ignore you. Maybe if you see this we could catch another art show & I can prove I'm not always a stone face!

The One That Got Walmart. I saw you on Friday September 3 at the Walmart on Colton. You were wearing a green plaid shirt with a baseball cap, and you had the most rugged, handsome look about you. I was wearing black leggings with a maroon shirt. Blond hair pulled back. You and I made eye contact, and I purposefully held my gaze longer than usual before giving you a little smile as we walked past eachother. You gave a smile back. I turned around for a double take, and you did at the same time! I think we were both a little embarrassed that we caught eachother doing a double take, so we quickly turned around and went our separate ways. I was smiling all the way home just thinking about you! I'm leaving to go back to college next week, but I would love to meet up with you before that happens :)

You Brown Eyed Girl I saw you just the other day- my, how you have grown! Makin love in the grass behind the stadium with you. I'm your brown eyed girl. Yes I still think of, everyday actually. Now that I'm on my own...I feel a change a comin' And its not too late, babe! I'm crazy about you xoxo if you feel the same way, contact me at

You and A Few of My Favorite Things I saw you a while ago, & well, I should have been a better friend to you. I still remember that year you gave me a perfect holiday gift: a live, freshly cut Christmas tree, homegrown from the heights of the Ponderosa suburbia. I know its not the holiday season quite yet, but I was hoping you could help me with something. If you see this, could you please teach me how to properly play my favorite holiday tune on piano in the key of G? Maybe our paths will cross again this holiday season, near a piano surrounded by pointsettias, lights and elegant evergeen trees. Until then, I look upon the coming months with great joy :)

Re: I hope you read the Inlander You saw me at the zip trip on Maple and 10th. When your eyes met mine, fireworks went off in my heart. Damn! You got the hottest tattoo. I froze when you left, but I was mesmorized by you. I purchased a banana on my way out. I hope you read the Inlander, too!

SPD Thank you to the SPD officers who assisted us when we got rear ended taking our daughter to her first day of school! The other driver was impaired and the officers did an excellent job with the situation.

To my dear sweet ones who always have time for me; who never fail to tell me how much they love me; who take time out of their hectic work schedules to sit down for a cup of coffee with me. I love each and every one of you. Thank you for caring so much for me. Thank you for always being there for me. All of you are diamonds in the rough.

Greetings to the Captain of Constituents, Sultan of Spokane. This is for you, Mr. Stuckart, from a proud and supportive constituent. This beloved city many call home is better, because of you. Your willingness to face persecution and persnickities (that may/not even be a word), in order to raise our little-big metropolis to a seat of individual whole-ness, deserves a moment of positive recognition. Thank you for your fight; through your own personal struggles you man the helm, lend an ear, and somehow continuously come up smiling. The local level may end up being our last refuge and stalwart in these obscure political times, for all the Hype and Banter slung across Delegates and Representatives is of no finite assist to us here on the earth. But we have you. May the 5-0-9 forever be in your favor, and the wind always at your back. — Kimpossible

Happy dancing lady To the black lady with the most amazing big hair, you made my day by just dancing as you're walking north on Hamilton toward north foothills on Friday around 5:30 pm. Thank you for cheering up my day!

It's nice to be appreciated I work at 7-Eleven on the South Hill. Friday afternoon this lady and her 2 boys came in and got a drink and treat for each of them. The total was $7 and some change. She could not find her debit card. She was freaking out because she was having her oil changed in her car across the street. No payment no car. I paid the $7 and gave her the receipt. Told her to find her card so she could get her car and she could pay me back any time. She came back with her 2 boys paid me back and gave me a bouquet of flowers. I almost started crying. Some days the job sucks, but it's so amazing when customers appreciate you. This really made my day and I wanted to give a shout-out to this nice lady and her boys. Thank you for being so nice.

To the two Beautiful young women (no need to say where this happened because when you read this, you will know) who approached my son while he was getting coffee and sweetly asked if he had a twin. That was one of the kindest things to ask him. (I know you saw his wedding band and that's why the question was asked the way it was). He recently lost his spouse so things have been difficult for him. You two made his day with those words and then, when he turned so you saw the right side of his face with scarring from a tragedy of the past, you didn't gawk or take back your question. Instead, you two sweetly asked, "Are you sure you don't have a twin?" Both of you warmed his heart, put a smile on his face and brought tears to his eyes. He just needed some words of encouragement and you gave those to him. Thank you. Coffee is on us next time.

Re: Need some Brazilian Music in Spokane I would say the best place to hear and experience live Brazilian type brass music might just be our own local Tango dance studio, Satori. I had the xhance to experience the dance and music there, once, and I must say, its worth going! I highly recommend visiting Satori. As for New York sophisticated lounge type music, I might dare say the Red Room lounge has exceptional live brassy jazz once in awhile!

Happy 31st Birthday! Happy Birthday to the most intelligent man I have ever had the honor to know! I miss you more with ever passing day. Here's to you, I raise my gin and tonic in a toast to celebrate with you in your birthday week (yes, you get a whole week :) Cheers!!!

Navigating Sprague and University Westbound Sprague — the left turn lane is also a through lane! I know it's a unique intersection but if drivers would pay attention to the clearly marked signage we can all make it through safe without being broadsided!

Spokane Sandal Scandal Dear Spokane: Socks and sandals are mutually exclusive items of clothing. Either the ambient temperature is warm enough for sandals or it is cool enough for socks, but it cannot be both. You must choose, Spokane. Socks OR sandals. You can't have it both ways. That is all. ♦


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