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Successful sophomore season, Bowie still spacey and a new edition of a horror epic



TV | In the HBO series THE LEFTOVERS, based on the Tom Perrotta novel of the same name, 2 percent of the world's population suddenly vanishes. The viewer is left in the same uncertain state as the show's characters, who turn to cults and other methods to make sense of the world three years after the strange event, referred to as the "Sudden Departure." The second season shifts the show's focus to Jarden, a small town in Texas that was left unaffected by the Departure. It's this setting where the paths of two families who were affected very differently by the Departure intersect.


VIDEO | David Bowie is 68, and he seems to be only getting weirder with age. If you need proof, pull up the video for "BLACKSTAR," the title track of his 25th studio album, set to be released on Jan. 8, Bowie's 69th birthday. The video could easily pass as the trailer for a big-budget horror/sci-fi movie, including a jewel-encrusted astronaut skull that becomes the center of a strange cult-like ritual, human scarecrows who seem to be offered up as a sacrifice and dancers who convulse rhythmically as Bowie belts out the soundtrack. Although the song can't be described as heavy metal, the video sure is.


COMIC | OUTCAST, VOL. 2: A VAST AND UNENDING RUIN is the second installment in the horror epic created by writer Robert Kirkman (the creator of the Walking Dead) and artist Paul Azaceta, picking up on the story of Kyle Barnes, a man who has the ability to detect and exorcise demons and is living in self-imposed isolation after committing some horrible act that's alluded to, yet remains unrevealed. The series picks up at a point where Barnes is starting to find some new purpose, while a reverend he allies himself with watches his life fall apart. ♦

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