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The Dead reimagined, Bloodline is back and lively Mariners news



TV| I can't tell you too much about BLOODLINE because it's quite likely that you have yet to binge-watch this often overlooked Netflix series, which just dropped its entire second season last week. I can tell you, however, that it's probably the most nuanced family drama you'll ever see. You'll find yourself in deep with the Rayburn family, a Florida Keys clan who present a polished veneer to the vacation community where they've long run a bed and breakfast, but harbor some awful secrets and animosity at their core. Last season was all about the family's black sheep brother, Danny, and his reckless desire to take down the Rayburn name. This season, we meet the son nobody knew existed.


ALBUM| OK, I'll admit it. I like the Grateful Dead. Not necessarily the Dead that did those sloppy farewell stadium shows, only to return months later with a slightly different lineup and name, but rather the lofty notion of the Grateful Dead as some of the best American folk music. And that's why I'm so enthralled with DAY OF THE DEAD, an all-star three-disc tribute to the band featuring a who's-who of critically acclaimed musicians and curated by indie gods the National. Jenny Lewis and Phosphorescent team up on a swinging "Sugaree," Courtney Barnett provides a bouncy "New Speedway Boogie," while the National give their haunting touch to "Peggy-O" and "Morning Dew." That's just a sampling of the 59-cut project that should immediately be entered into the Library of Congress, lest we not forget the Dead.


BLOG| I fear that even typing these words will curse the good fortune this spring has brought to the Northwest, but here goes: The Seattle Mariners are legitimately good this year. There are a lot of solid reporters relaying to you the M's winning ways as of late, but if you want to see things from a different perspective, check out SB Nation's LOOKOUT LANDING ( The site, edited by the often hilarious Nathan Bishop, provides a more lively and relaxed look at the team than what you're going to find in the daily paper. Its writers have all the WAR and WPA rundowns that advanced statistics hounds (I am not one of them) crave, coupled with thoughtful essays, goofy fan posts and a sometimes off-the-rails podcast. ♦

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