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Gifts for Minimalists



They fill our Instagram feeds with crisp images of their immaculate apartments, marked by clean lines, sunshine and wood, the few items on shelves painstakingly curated for their aesthetic and practical appeal. They are gods among us mere consumers (yet somehow inspire in us the urge to buy more things to make our apartments look like that). If you take a good look at it, minimalism isn't all about not owning anything, but about making sure the things in your life are meaningful, without being the things that give you meaning. "The Minimalists" explain it like this: People who live this lifestyle question which things add value to their lives, and try to get rid of the clutter that doesn't. Hopefully that frees up more time, energy and money to focus on the experiences and people that make you happy.


Don't worry, you're not that old (yet). What we're talking about is the ingenious handiwork of David Jeffers, owner of Boulevard Mercantile. Jeffers breathes new life into vintage stereos and radios by outfitting them with Bluetooth technology, perfect for the minimalist in your life who has digitized their entire collection to avoid the clutter of physical vinyl and CDs. While they wirelessly stream their music, your minimalist can also delight in knowing their speakers were saved from going to a dump only to be replaced by a cheaper, newer model hot off the manufacturing line. Prices vary (pictured: $160) • Boulevard Mercantile1905 N. Monroe


One of the easiest ways to reduce needless clutter? A reusable coffee cup. Say goodbye to the days of tossing out disposable paper cups, and help the minimalist warmly welcome this stylish glass and cork into their routine. $32 • Indaba Coffee1425 W. Broadway


We assume that being a minimalist means not having a TV or cable. For the minimalist you're worried doesn't get enough exposure to pop culture to understand your very funny conversational movie references, try a yearly pass to the Garland. They'll get unlimited entry to all regularly scheduled movies and Garland-sponsored events for the price of 14 shows. $70 • Garland Theater924 W. Garland


Let's face it, one of the coolest things about focusing less on stuff and more on experiences is getting out for some pretty sweet adventures. This seven-line tour offers hours of fun, with treetop views as you zip along lines sandwiched between pristine wooded wilderness and Lake Coeur d'Alene. $84 (holiday gift card special, redeemable during 2018 season) • Timberline Adventures210 Sherman #131, Coeur d'Alene • ziptimberline.com


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