Rated R 110 minutes 2007

Nearly two decades after being committed to a mental institution for killing his stepfather and older sister, Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) breaks out, intent on returning to the town of Haddonfield, Ill. He arrives in his hometown on Halloween with the indomitable purpose of hunting down his younger sister, Laurie (Scout Taylor-Compton). The only thing standing between Michael and a Halloween night of bloody carnage is psychologist Dr. Samuel Loomis (Malcolm McDowell).

Film Credits

Official Site: www.halloween-themovie.com

Director: Rob Zombie

Writer: Rob Zombie

Producer: Rob Zombie, Malek Akkad, Andy Gould, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein and Matthew Stein

Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Scout Taylor-Compton, Tyler Mane, Danny Trejo, Danielle Harris, Sheri Moon Zombie, William Forsythe, Dee Wallace-Stone, Kristina Klebe, Jenny Stewart, Brad Dourif, Udo Kier, Daeg Faerch, Ken Foree, Hanna Hall, Pat Skipper, Lew Temple and Richard Lynch




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