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Anyone can sling a drink, but carefully constructing a cocktail is another story; here are five great Inland Northwest originals


One of Clover’s signature cocktails, the Jasmine, and its carbonated brother the Jasmine Fizz. - AUSTIN ILG
  • Austin Ilg
  • One of Clover’s signature cocktails, the Jasmine, and its carbonated brother the Jasmine Fizz.


Tucked in the back of Santé Restaurant & Charcuterie, the folks at Butcher Bar know craft cocktails like the back of their hand. The bar's focus on housemade, organic and locally sourced flavors and infusions is particularly showcased in the Wooly Wilson, a blend of apple cinnamon gin, hard cider, orange juice and Butcher Bar's own ginger beer. It's a nice bite at a nice price, just $8 — or $6 during Social Hour.

IF YOU GO: Don't forget to check out some of this hyper-local eatery's made-from-scratch dishes. | 315-4613


Kicking off the "Crisp" section of Clover's extensive drink menu, the Jasmine cocktail is a true original. The blush-pink creation of bartender Paul Harrington is the perfect blend of bitter and bright, boasting an ingredient list of gin, fresh lemon juice, Campari (Italian bitters), and Cointreau, an orange-flavored liqueur. For even more delicious pucker, the Jasmine is garnished with a lemon twist.

IF YOU GO: Clover prides itself on its commitment to using fresh ingredients and its top-notch hospitality. | 487-2937


With a focus on local ingredients and "good, honest food, company, and drink," Pullman's Black Cypress offers an impressive list of no-frills cocktails that don't break the bank. Example A: the Polecat, a refreshing blend of tequila, fresh lemon, cinnamon-vanilla cordial and egg white. Don't let that egg white dissuade you; it's easy to be adventurous when most cocktails are $7.50.

IF YOU GO: The restaurant is spacious, but the low lighting makes for a cozy atmosphere. | 334-5800


Ruins, from the folks behind Stella's Café, serves the perfect drink for indecisive cocktail fans. With a wide range of ingredients — bourbon, orange, Cynar (an Italian liqueur made from artichokes), lavender, cocoa, bitters and blood orange soda — Castroville hits the spot for a variety of tastes. Ruins rotates the cocktails on its menu, so stopping by on a Castroville ($10) night is a real treat.

IF YOU GO: Expect a high-class menu with budget-friendly prices. | 443-5606


Taking its name from the act that established Prohibition in America, the Volstead Act prides itself in making cocktails that are as appealing visually as they are to drink. One particularly striking offering is the warm-yellow Wicked Kiss, a deviously delicious drink made with blanco tequila, Strega (a minty Italian liqueur), lemon, cinnamon and pumpkin butter (yes, really). Don't knock it til you try it.

IF YOU GO: Enjoy a modern take on the speakeasies of the past. Drinks are only $7 on Classic Cocktail Wednesday. | 808-2516


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