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I Saw You

Week of Oct. 11


Descendents: I saw you at the Descendents show at the Knit; lower bar near the steps down to lower seating. You: long brown hair, red plaid shirt. You were with a couple and another guy whose presence you didn't seem thrilled with. We caught eyes briefly and you air-toasted me. You knew all the words.

The King in the Eastern WA: I saw you at the Spokane Renaissance Faire on Saturday. You were dressed in a Jon Snow lookalike outfit and coyly smiled when I told you that you 'knew nothing'. You looked great in my crown, btw. I'd conquer the seven kingdoms for you!

My Handsome Man: It wasn't love at first sight, but I was charmed the moment I met you. That evening in Berkeley, I didn't know that this Idaho man, who climbed an oak tree to impress me, would one day be my best friend and partner. I am grateful to share life with you. You challenge me to wholeheartedly embrace life, supported me through family crises, devotedly co-parent our dogs, cheer me on in my career, moved across state lines with me twice, and show me your love in a myriad of expressions every day. I love your honesty, deep love of God, witty humor, resilience, brilliant mind, creativity, outgoing kindness, and courage. You never cease to amaze me. Life is full of both joys and unpredictable challenges, but I want to share it all with you - the mesmerizing, murky and mundane. More than four years later, you still give me butterflies. My Lion, My Love - will you marry me?

Green blouse, blue jeans: I saw you working at the SNAP/Avista heating assistance event at the Spokane County Fairgrounds on Tuesday, October 2nd. You were wearing a Green Blouse, and Blue Jeans. I was eating food they provided in the chairs that they provided on the SNAP side of the building. If you'd like to have a cup of coffee somewhere, email me. :)

First Week: Happy 1st week back at work! I hope this proves to be a great part of our amazing adventure together. I love you.

Yield signs: Yield signs on Third and Cannon in Brown's addition? To the driver who complained last week about drivers ignoring the yield signs, the signs were removed from Second Avenue years ago, and there haven't been any on Third forever. Maybe someone else needs a drivers lesson. Or glasses.

Gonzaga basketball: Jeers for putting half of your games on ESPN where half of the population in Spokane do not have cable or ESPN. Way to stab your fans in the back.

STA Boo boo: I'm a daily patron of the bus system in Spokane, and 99 percent of the time, I have great experiences. However, today, as I was walking to my bus stop for route 39, the bus came ahead of schedule, as I was crossing an intersection. Stopped at a red light (about 20 feet away), I motioned to the driver, asking if I could get on. She shook her head no, and pointed forward to the next stop. At that point I ran, and as she pulled up to the next stop, she stopped, waited, and then proceeded to pull away before I could make it. I hope your milk is sour on your next bowl of cereal, you demon.

Rich old white men: I am tired of rich old white men running this country. I no longer want them making decisions for me. It is time for a change!

No more progressive rot, thank you!: After the recent debacle with the Supreme Court hearings and the pillorying of an innocent man, how anyone could ever vote for a Socialist Democrat again is truly mind-boggling. The Dems have sank to unimaginably disgusting whale-poop levels to reveal their true colors and political mind-rot. So sad that the left part of our state is sympathetic of these sorry ideals. Note to the newcomers: Welcome to Spokane from this old timer (meaning pre-Expo 74 resident). And to those from liberal hellholes like California and Seattle, remember why you fled those places in the first place. Please leave the liberal mind-rot behind, where it belongs. MAGA!

Stop Littering: I am tired of "The" newspaper company throwing their advertisements all over my neighborhood. How would the owners of said newspaper feel if the Inlander was thrown unsolicited in their yard and all over their neighborhood? Please find another way to distribute your advertisement.

Sorry not sorry for tearing them down: Jeers to the local annual event that put my abuser's face on their poster and for hanging them in every public space that I'd find myself in. You hung them at my work, at my school, and at every bar and theater I'd go to. It's like your promo team was trying to torture me. This person was already on my mind more than I'd like due to constant reminders of abuse in the news, but to see their face at every place that I found safe or sacred was genuinely horrific. Your event is good for the community, so I hope it goes well, but I also kind of hope it gets hit by a tornado full of flaming bees. ♦


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