Gorgeous stunning eyes: I saw you from the corner of my eye as you were leaving the mall, but those beautiful stunning eyes of yours are what made me turn. You noticed me watching and even gave a me a quick smile, you got in a silver Dodge Durango with a momma bear decal. If you are single and would like to get coffee someday reply to mall_eyes@hotmail.com.

Booo! Boo! To the two young men who on Halloween night at 6:15 near the intersection of Indiana and Ash, body slammed and violently shoved a sweet elderly lady to the pavement. I stopped and helped with another witness we picked her up and gave her a ride. She was so scared. I guess real monsters don't have time wear a costume. A big cheer to the young man who helped. Not all angels have wings, some wear black hats and piercings. Remember guys, you get what you give.

Gramma: Parking in a handicapped spot when you're able bodied is bad enough, but when you claim that your "GRAMMA" is inside, and you are in your little car with a no Handicap hanger, you're an excuse for an entitled, worthless excuse for a human being. Pretty sure you are here for college, could be wrong, but what a testament on how your parents would be so proud of you when you get $300 or more ticket. LOSER! Cheers however to the person who approached you and asked you to move.

You had me at tacos: I saw you at the Tacos El Sol grand opening. You ordered the special with three different types, just like me. You had the most gorgeous curly brown hair and a smile that made me melt. Let's go again... together?

Halloween Heaven: Cheers to the dental hygienist, dressed as a tooth fairy, but looking like an angel with her wings. During my cleaning, which was a wonderful and professional experience, I opened my eyes, the sudden bright white light and her white wings and beautiful smile took my breath away, and for a second I was going to heaven. Not yet, for now, I was very content with my white smile after her cleaning.

Cheers To The Garland Theatre: Cheers to the Garland Theatre for Playing The Walking Dead every Sunday! Thank-You So Much. I've been a fan since the beginning and these last couple of years going to the Garland to watch it on the BIG screen with a room full of fans like me has been so much more fun. Thank you, it's probably not said enough but the fans that are showing up to watch... we really enjoy and appreciate it thank you!!!

No more STA bus trauma: Don't know who or what entity to thank for the changes being made to STA busses being routed back or the city for finally concluding the construction in the First, Sprague, Maple Street area. No more traumatic bus noise coming thru my balcony doors every 5 mins. Although we all knew this construction was needed we didn't know how we could live with it, and lo and behold we old timers did. May take awhile but Cathedral Plaza tenants will again be able to spend peaceful time in our homes after those 2-1/2 years of trauma.

Green Timbs: You are my sweetheart, my cutie, my crackerbite, my honk, my stinky, and my love. I just want you to know I love you, and I'm sorry I'm not always the best at expressing that during this difficult phase in my life. Our tradition of reading Inlander together has been something I hold dear to my heart since you adamantly informed me long ago that we "were supposed to read that together!" You're so adorable, I love you.

You're the inspiration: If you hadn't been there with me on Saturday, I would have given up and been mortified. You show so much compassion and ease with dilligence and patience. I am constantly in awe of what you are capable of... knowing and perfecting every skill... as well as managing to keep your composure when the going gets rough. You are my inspiration and my whole world. I love you. X

School Bus Busters: Jeers to the too-many drivers (and one is too many) who drive right past school buses with their lights flashing. Red means stop! Yellow means prepare to stop. An entire family in Indiana was murdered this week by one driver who just couldn't be bothered. Open your eyes, obey the bus. The children you save could be mine.

Jeers to (Some) Ferris Parents: Jeers to the Ferris parents who pull up to the four-way stop at 37th and Ray and make their kids jump out in the middle of the intersection so that the parents don't have to wait through the drop off line in the Ferris parking lot. I see this everyday. Not only does traffic back up for blocks to accommodate your "quick drop off," but then your kids are forced to dart through the intersection on foot while cars are driving through it! Not only is this bad etiquette, it puts your own kids in danger. Cheers to the parents who actually enter the Ferris parking lot and drop off your kids properly. To the 4-way-stop-droppers.... who raised you?

Everyone is NOT having fun: The blind and elderly in walkers and wheelchairs (and their care/aid workers) who have to navigate these Lime obstacles left in the middle of sidewalks, entrances to their facilities and apartments or houses along their way are most definitely not having fun. Even worse are the ones dropped right at corners, blocking the crossing ramps! Mothers with kids and strollers or folks returning to their building laden with groceries are meeting the same "greeting" left by inconsiderate LIME fun-seekers. Then there are business owners who have to keep moving these abandoned "toys" from in front of their entrances. Finally, cyclists are really having fun when they pull up to lock their bicycles to one of the generously provided locking racks, only to find a cluster of Lime toys blocking the way. ♦

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