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week of July 21st


Welcome Back! You just moved back from Massachusetts, and I couldn't help you since I'm still in training, but I wish I could've so I would've gotten the chance to chat with you some more. If you need a new friend or whatever I'm not that hard to find.

Manito park pond To the poor girl who got pulled into the dirty manito park pond by her two dogs. You handled what looked like a messy, unexpected situation with pure class. Even though you and your dogs were completely soaked, you had a great sense of humor about it! You showed me how much better life can be when you don't take things too seriously. Thanks for making my day!

Piano Bar We danced all night together at the piano bar on 7/9/2016. I was with my brother and his friends. We shared some small talk, but at the end of the night we did not exchange information. I wish we would have and because I am 10 years older than you I cant even remember your name. However, I can't stop thinking about how much fun I had with you. I have not had a night like that in a long time. If you are interested, I will be at the Screaming Yak on 7/25/2016 at 4:00pm. I hope to see you there!

Baby Boy When we met I couldn't take my eyes off of you. When we met for lunch, it was amazing. I know you feel the same way. Call me Jorel. Let's finish what we started.

Always Abusing Handicap Parking Tabs Drear Ms White Mountaineer WA ATA-9924 no matter where i run into you at the bank or Walmart, it seems you never have a cane, wheelchair or other walking aid to assist you while your running after your little children. Why?

Sexy Spurs and Pokemon man You. With your steelers hat beautiful beard and glasses. I saw you chasing Pokémon with your dog at Riverfront Park and I knew I had to catch you. I don't know who that THOT was you were with but if you wanna squirtle then message me @

Maybe I'm mistaken I'd still love to catch up over coffee. You asked for more time to resolve an issue or maybe you didn't. If you know who I am respond next week with something familiar to both of us.

We Should All be Friends My friend and I saw you both while we were grabbing beers at The Lantern last Thursday. You started up a conversation when I took out my phone to play Pokémon Go, and we all ended up chatting for a while about TV shows to watch, haircuts, and my friend's "super hot girlfriend." When you guys left, we both commented that it would be cool to all hang out again sometime. Beers soon? - Z & S

Thanks for making my mornings worth it! Almost every morning I stop in at the downtown Starbucks location, the wonderful baristas that work there are always in a good mood, they're always smiling and genuinely making an effort to ensure that everyone that comes in feels welcome! These are the kind of people we need in all customer service type jobs, some mornings are better than others but I always look forward to seeing their smiling faces when grabbing my morning cup of coffee! Cheers to the men and women at the downtown Starbucks location!

An amazing young man To Kash, the young man that was camping with his family at Farragut State Park, Gilmore sites this past weekend. You touched our hearts and it was a pleasure meeting you. You made our camping experience that much better.

Thanks for the lift! Cheers to the kind stranger who saw my slo-mo motorcycle drop on Government Way on 7/16. Your immediate offer of assistance kept an already embarrassing situation from turning into a catastrophe. You gave a boost to my confidence in humanity! Thanks again for the lift!

Good Samaritan A big thank you to the husband and wife that rescued my wife at around 2:00 PM Sunday, July 17, 2016 at the North Side Costco parking lot. You went above and beyond to make sure she made it home after locking her keys in the car. Thank you so much. God Bless you

Thank you, SJFC After decades of providing good services and counsel to the community, St. Joseph's Family Center has closed due to financial challenges. Thank you for helping me and anyone else who was in need. You are missed .

Jeers to the people in front of Ferguson's Cafe on Saturday morning who had the audacity to make cruel, snide, insensitive, insulting, snarky comments about the couple who was smoking more than 25 feet from the door while everyone was waiting for the cafe to open. Your comments were so loud that they heard you. Just so all of you know, this couple has been struggling to quit smoking but had a setback. They lost their one and only child just under a month ago. Ferguson's holds a special place for them. Their last meal with their son was there, and he was killed that same night. Their life has been a living hell since then. So know a person's story before you speak so cruelly. Uplifting and encouraging words are more helpful than your cold behavior. If you don't have something good to say, don't say anything at all. Keep your comments to yourself. What all of you said was uncalled for,unnecessary and unneeded. You should be ashamed of yourselves. So shame on you. Shame on all of you.

Seniors v Spokane Merchants Shopping in downtown Spokane is challenging for people who use "walkers" & "wheelchairs". The lack of doors that stay open long enough for us to get through to a store, close so quickly that we often get pinned between the doorway & the heavy door. Spoke w/ an employee at that popular coffee store downtown, after a customer got me unstuck, was told that the building owner is responsible. Then I asked if they or their manager would talk to the building owner, "no we don't have time" asked if the manager would, was told, "I asked, already". This internationally known coffee store is not the only business guilty of ignoring seniors & others who may be in need of slower closing doors, but they do like our spending money. By the way, there is another coffee shop downtown on Wall that treats all customers equally, there doors actually stay open long enough for me & my walker to easily go thru, oh by the way their coffee is better & so are their prices.

Careless and irresponsible workers cause serious injury to customer My husband and I went to a burger chain out in the Spokane Valley on Sprague Avenue, on July 2. We had just come from a very enjoyable event and decided to grab some dinner before heading home. We had both seen the advertisement for the new grilled hot dogs they had that they were $1.00 if you mentioned the ad seen on the television. We had placed our order and we had just gotten our drinks when it was announced our order was ready. My husband went up to get our food and I noticed we had no napkins so went up to get some. I saw a wet floor sign so immediately walked around it as I thought that was where the spill was. I was wrong... it was no where near the spill, and I took an awful fall. I have serious health issues, and all I could think was this was going to be the end of me. I screamed as I went down... landed on both of my bad knees, bruised the right one horribly, scraped it, and also rolled my right ankle and bruised it to. NONE OF THE WORKERS there heard me yell... and then all they offered to do that night was refund our meal... and if I had to have an ambulance they would call for one. All I wanted was go to home... I no longer was hungry, I felt sick as I had hit my head too and it has been a rough couple of weeks with all the swelling, and bruising. Word of caution... if you eat at this place... be VERY VERY careful.... Evidently their employees break times are more important than the customers safety and well being. I have since spoken with a manager and again all she offered was to allow us to have a meal on them and apologized, but an apology is hard to accept when you have been seriously injured....I do know one thing for sure..... IT WILL BE A LONG TIME BEFORE I EAT THERE AGAIN.... IF I EVER DO.... ♦


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