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Week of November 10th

Valley Winco. I had to double glance at the stars cascading down your left cheek, brilliantly beautiful I might add. Time froze still for a second so I could enjoy beauty in it's natural state. Thank you for bringing me a moment of peace in a world of chaos.

Brewery blonde Wow! You are absolutely gorgeous!! I assume the drink you and your friends bought me at the other bar was for getting the old man away from your table, but thanks anyways. I can tell by the way you carry yourself that you are the exact opposite of a dumb blonde. Thank you for being you!

You: Just flew in from Hoth I know you're probably still upset about me "eh-hem" killing dad but I swear he said it was ok. Figured you were over it when I saw you dancing around in my helmet at that Halloween house party on Saturday. I was too busy using my force skills to make people dance to stop and say hi. Wanna meet up for a drink at the cantina?

I WILL MISS YOU I adore you. Your smile makes every day better. Your beautiful blue eyes give me a place to escape every time I see you. You are off to warmer weather and my days will not be the same without you. You may be out of sight, but you will never be out of mind. Travel safe, have fun, and maybe miss me a little.

On Argonne at the Wreck Last week on the bridge, I assume you where off to Idaho. The kids looked good, nice to see they are winter ready heh. I never expected not having you here would fill me with such self loathing. I can't get you out of my head, I wanna talk, laugh and play with you and yours again. I miss the love there was, the love I believe to still be there but buried under Hurt. Please message me if you still feel for me because I don't know how much longer I can hold myself above water...I want my friend back, I don't care you won't date me.. I Just want my friend back

Amazing Priest River Guy I met you at Curley's at Hauser Friday night 11/4, you are from Priest River grew up there, and work in Coeur D' touched my heart...we had quite a conversation in such a short time... I want to look into your eyes again...

Halloween Mary Poppins on STA Route-25 I met you at the Rt-25 bus stop at the Office Depot near the NT Mall on Halloween (Monday October 31, 2016). You looked beautiful dressed as Mary Poppins. I'm the (literally) Brown boy who complimented you. On the city bus you and I kept glancing at each other. You kept smiling at me, and you even waved at me and smiled as you got off the bus. I wish I had the courage to ask your name. I get really awkward around girls because I have a high-functioning form of Autism which slightly impairs my social skills and makes me feel younger than I am (I'm 20 years old). I would like to get to know you a little more. If you are interested, my email is <>.

Cute KJ You were the cute KJ at PJ's Saturday night 11/5. I'm just a shy brunette out with a couple friends for fun. Have seen you a few times but I'm a bit shy. You have an amazing voice and a great smile. I think your name is Ryan if I remember right. I hope maybe this way I won't be too shy and maybe you'll say hi back, I mean a girl can dream and hope the cutie working at the bar is single, right. Coffee sometime or something on me? Message me at, have a good week.

LOML, I saw you... feeding me when you knew your life depended on it. picking up broken pieces...of beautiful pottery bowls, of my bank account, of our life. working your ass off to become the man I always knew you were capable of being. loving me, loving my goofy ill-gotten, smoked-white-meat-eating dog, accepting my teenager where she is. Babe, I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you. Here's to maybe-less-than-40 years together. I love you. Audrey (Venus fly trap reference)

RE: LOVE ALWAYS ONLY FOR YOU I saw you trying, I still see it. We will always be growing, advancing, and learning. Im so sorry if my expectation for you, myself, the world got in the way of the true love that was in place, I only wanted the best life for both of us possible- you are perfect just the way you are. I feel lost without my best friend by my side to eat burgers with, listen to records, and watch Scooby Doo all day. Though I can become doubtful and emotional, take how ever long you need to recenter. I trust you, I LOVE you. Forever ever and always, to the moon and back. You know i'll always wait and be here for you-

Re: You saw me waiting for years & you'll always love me This I Saw You was to general, because a lot of people can no doubt relate and these would be the very words they would want to hear. I suggest adding in a couple of specific details when writing such love letters. For instance, if it was from my person, he could have written, You asked me to marry you or if I wanted to move in or share a life together, I said no, but I was wrong. When I stumbled across this I saw you it so threw me for a loop I couldn't stop reading it over and over again until midnight, when I was finally able to reason it was not from my former lover. And. In any case, a person would need to show in more than words they truly wanted to share a life. My best regards in your romantic endeavors.

I Agree, Truckers are JERKS... Why are truckers challenging drivers and risking safety to prove their point. I encounter daily truckers doing exactly what they want and not caring about how they treat other drivers. They express how tough it is driving a truck but still do not abide by the law. Truckers need to understand the road works both ways and quit hogging the roads. Quit being A-holes and show some respect.

Be Thankful for Unknown Blessings "Be thankful for unknown blessings already on their way to you". Came true for me on Friday (10/28/16) when my car lost all power just before entering the Ash/Wellesley intersection in the early morning. Thank you to all the people who offered aid and assistance, and to several Shadle Park students who also stopped by. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. A big shout out to Richard of Evergreen Towing for a very skillful hookup in a timely manner as to clear the lane blockage. Finally a big thank you to Greg, Chris, Mark and Mike at Nevada Tire-A-Rama for their excellent troubleshooting and quick repair to get me on my way. Cheers and thank all of you so much!

To Maria on Ruby! Happy Birthday to my beautiful Maria. Ever since you entered my life, I have never been happier! You are a wonderful wife, and an even better best friend. You light up all the lives around you, and inspire many. You are forever my Polynesian princess queen! (and who knew you could cook!!!) With all my love, Scott

Downtown War Zone A week or so ago my wife and I had tickets to an event at the beautiful Bing Theater. Trying to find a parking spot on the streets/War Zone around the Bing was a real challenge to say the least. Found a commercial loading zone that was available because it was after 6 PM. When we returned to our car we had a parking ticket. Confused we looked again at the sign. At the top of the series of signs (12 feet high) was a taxi zone sign almost impossible to see from inside the car and obscured by at tree on the sidewalk. The ticket was $250. We enjoy downtown but with the streets torn up the way they are and very little traffic direction on the street the City of Spokane should pay us to come down town instead of fining us $250. Thanks a lot! ♦


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