International Tabletop Day

When: Sat., April 29 2017

Put down that controller and reset your mind back to the old-school days of gaming, when the term referred to getting out a game board, some cards or dice, and making a night of it with friends and family. Over the past 5 to 10 years, tabletop gaming has undergone a massive resurgence, and titles go much further than Monopoly and The Game of Life. There are role-playing games, party games, strategy games, deck-building games and miniatures, among others. There’s a tabletop game for everyone. But where does one new to this world start? We have an answer: Join local gamers and game shops — including Merlyn’s, Uncle’s Games downtown, the Comic Book Shop at NorthTown Mall, and even the Airway Heights Library — for local events as part of International Tabletop Day, celebrated worldwide this Saturday. OK, now it’s your turn!

International Tabletop Day with Spokane Board Gamers • Sat, April 29 from noon-9 pm • Free • All-ages • River Park Square food court • 808 W. Main (plus other locations) •

Chey Scott