Live Bands

Local Natives, Little Scream

When: Wed., April 12, 8 p.m. 2017

The first few seconds of Sunlit Youth announce the arrival of a slightly different Local Natives than we’re used to hearing. More so than on earlier releases, this third studio album from the L.A. indie rockers, released last September, fully embraces the electro-pop influences they’ve only hinted at previously. In terms of its production, this is their most expansive, biggest-sounding album yet, and while their music has always been the kind you can easily bob your head to, this one is almost effortlessly smooth. Sunlit Youth doesn’t represent a seismic shift in tone or style, granted, but it does suggest that the guys in Local Natives are still pushing the boundaries of their sound nearly a decade into their career.

Nathan Weinbender

Price: $25