Moscow Brewing Company

Englemann spruce tips star as the headlining act for Moscow Brewing Co.’s Spruce Porter, a seasonal, piney affair that keeps getting more popular each year. Originally made with Alaskan spruce, this beer has been custom-tailored to feature Moscow species. In fact, everything about this brewery is local to the core. Moscow Brewing Co. is the hometown, “everyone’s a regular” brewery where the doors are propped open on summer evenings and friendly dogs meander underfoot. Owner and brewer Lucas Rate is a straight-up hoot, smiling in that sort of bearded, brotherly way that tells you the beer he just poured was made specially for you. Their Fresh Hop IPA is the epitome of what a nano-brewery can do. Each year, hops are harvested from a local Moscow farm without discernment and thrown together with abandon. Who knows what the IPA will be this year? They can guarantee it won’t be the same as the last.