Oil and Vinegar

Hours: Mon-Sat 10-9, Sun 11-6.

Amber-hued sesame wok oil spiked with garlic and ginger, deep green grape seed oil and rich, chocolaty brown balsamic vinegar are suspended in glass containers in front of a backlit wall showing off their vibrant colors. You’ll find over 20 different oils, almost an equal number of vinegars and many other culinary treats at the new Oil & Vinegar store in River Park Square.

Select from the attractive assortment of cork-topped glass bottles ($3.95) and fill one up with traditional or flavored oil, with includes everything from truffle-flavored olive oil to spicy Moroccan grape seed oil with hints of cinnamon and cumin. Grab a second bottle and fill it with aged balsamic vinegar, or a sweet cassis-flavored dessert vinegar ($4-$7 for 100 milliliters). Bring the bottle back for a refill on your next visit. (KH, 7/10)