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Serving Sara

In this film featuring Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley, Hollywood finally sets its sights on the exotic world of... process servers? That's right, Perry can serve anybody, from mobsters to millionaires. But he's tripped up on his own heart strings when he is hired by cattle rancher Bruce Campbell, who wants to serve Hurley with the papers necessary to cut her off from his fortune. Rated PG-13


Washed-up director Viktor Taransky (Al Pacino) gets his last chance, blows it, then gets a gift -- a computer code that allows him to replace a problematic real actor with Simone, a perfect woman and great thespian who doesn't really exist. But that doesn't keep the fans away. And Viktor spends most of the film hiding "her" from everyone. Most of this is very dark comedy (some is outright hilarious), and it works as one of the better contemporary skewerings of Hollywood and everything it stands for. (ES) Rated PG-13


This reissue of Michael Wadleigh's documentary of the 1969 concert (this is the director's cut, and it comes in at 224 minutes), suggests that sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll were the answer to everything, even in massive rainstorms, acres of mud and multiple-screen mosaics of middle-class kids tripping their brains out. But yet the movie is invaluable for its footage of Jimi Hendrix, who surpasses his legend as a player and a presence. (RP) Playing Aug. 28-30 at the Met.