Some of Volume 2017's featured bands 

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OF 19
Kristen Black
The Dancing Plague of 1518 is the electronic project by Conor Knowles, performing June 2 at 9 pm at The Bartlett.
Kristen Black
Spokane band Empty Eyes touch on punk and power-pop, and play the Red Room Lounge at 9:45 pm on June 3.
Kristen Black
Nat Park and the Tunnels of Love bring back-to-basics rock to the Terrain stage on Sat, June 3, at 10 pm.
Kristen Black
Peru Resh bring aggressive tunes to The Observatory on Friday, June 2 at 8:30 pm.
Kristen Black
Witty, playful pop-rock is the rule with Violet Catastrophe, playing The Big Dipper on Saturday, June 3, at 9:15 pm.
Boise's Built to Spill made indie-rock safe for guitar solos, and bring a quarter-century of killer songs to the Steam Plant outdoor stage on Sat, June 3, at 8:30 pm
Formed in Walla Walla, Chastity Belt are wicked smart songwriters with a brand new album to play Sat, June 3, at 8:30 pm at the Steam Plant outdoor stage.
Rapper Ras Kass is a West Coast legend, performing on The Pin! main stage on Fri, June 2, at 10:25 pm.
Richland's Infrablaster brings it hard and heavy at The Pin! on Fri, June 2, at 7:05 pm.
J GRGRY brings lush electro balladry and driving rock together at nYne on Sat, June 3, at 9:15 pm.
Vancouver three-piece LiƩ is committed to old-school, no-BS punk, and play it at The Observatory on Sat, June 3, at 12:30 am.
Voted Portland's best band in the pages of Willamette Week, Lithics icy art-punk arrives at The Observatory on Fri, June 2, at 10:30 pm.
Nacho Picasso is a talented MC with a killer rasp in his voice, and the Seattle rapper plays The Pin! main stage on Fri, June 2, at 11:30 pm.
Florida hip-hop duo Nobodies bring catchy hooks and effortless flow to The Pin! on Friday, June 2, at 9:10 pm.
Rot Monger's blistering songs address some serious subjects and some wall-of-noise joy. They play The Pin! on Fri, June 2, at 7:55 pm.
Shawn James and the Shapeshifters are a stellar blues-rock crew who will leave the room dripping with sweat at The Pin! on Sat, June 3, at 10:45 pm.
Sir Coyler and his Asthmatic Band will speak to your straightforward rock, CCR-loving soul at Mootsy's on Fri, June 2, at 9:15 pm.
Seattle's Echolarks bring some dreamy power-pop to The Bartlett on Sat, June 3, at 9:15 pm.
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