Live Bands

Spirit Caravan, Pilgrim, Rasputin

When: Sun., March 23, 7 p.m. 2014

There will always be overnight superstars who rise out of nowhere — who come in with a bang and flare out fast. And there will always be people who play music for life to balance them out. Scott Weinrich — fans know him as Wino — is one of the latter. Though Wino is best known for his work in Saint Vitus and the Obsessed, he’s been in more bands than you can count. Spirit Caravan, one of his oldest projects, showcases Wino’s haunting, doomy guitar sounds and unmistakable vocals. Head to the show for a solid night of psychedelic, heavy sounds. And nag Weinrich about getting Saint Vitus to add a Spokane date to its upcoming tour.

Leah Sottile

Price: $12