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Stock market takes a brief dive, Lisa and Cathy's final debate and other headlines




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NEWS: We asked Cathy McMorris Rodgers and her Democratic challenger Lisa Brown to place themselves on a visual political spectrum. The results are not extreme, or highly different from each other. We analyze more here.

NEWS: You have until Friday, Oct. 26, to submit comments for the Washington Department of Ecology to consider in its environmental impact statement on the proposed silicon smelter near Newport.


Fourth and final

Lisa Brown and Cathy McMorris Rodgers had their fourth and final debate. McMorris Rodgers stressed a booming economy, while Brown pointed to a broken system. The Spokesman-Review has more.

Kids and their damn cell phones!
Social media use among teens is getting out of hand, at least if you ask some local educators. It's second nature to so many students, and that poses a number of problems at school and in their personal lives. (Spokesman-Review)

Mad money
The stock market took a dramatic dip on Wednesday — the worst since the financial crisis — but seemed to rebound by Thursday morning, CNN Business reports.

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